What Is Content Share?
Content Share allows you to enjoy videos, music and photos saved on your PC.
Play the content with sharing software on the PC
If the computer operating system is Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can play music, video or photos on your TV without installing an additional program.
  1. Configure the TV and PC on the same network. Also configure the network on the PC installed with Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  2. Right-click the desired music, video or photo file, and select the model using the Play To function provided in Windows 7 or Windows 8 to play what is selected.
    To play on other devices like your mobile phone, refer to the relevant user guide.
Even when multiple TVs or devices are connected, the selected file is played through only one device. The playback rate may vary depending on the network connection.
Use the SmartShare PC Software to play the content saved on the PC
You can use SmartShare PC Software or Smartphone to connect the music/videos/photos saved on the PC to your home network and play them on your TV.
  1. Configure the TV and device (e.g., smartphone) installed with SmartShare on the same network.
    The SmartShare service is only available when the TV and all the devices are connected to a single router.
  2. If you are using a PC, download and install SmartShare PC Software from the website. Before installation, exit all programs running on the PC, such as a firewall or an anti-virus software.
The server should be running in order to watch the shared file on your TV.
To check the website information, click the HOME button on the remote control button to select My App button in the lower right corner of Screen. You can check the information from Device ConnectorPCContent Share.
For information on how to use the SmartShare PC Software, refer to the software's help section.
Matters that require attention of Content Share
Check your network settings if the content share option does not work properly.
May not work properly on a wireless network. It is recommended that you connect to a wired network.
If multiple TVs are connected to one device, the content may not be played properly depending on server performance.
May not work properly depending on the network environment.
To watch the 1080p video through Content Share function, a router that uses 5 GHz frequency is required. If a 2.4 GHz router is used, the video may not play properly.
The Content Share function may not be supported for a router that does not support multi-cast. For more information, refer to the user guide that came with your router or contact the manufacturer.
When playing a video, the Multi Audio and Closed Caption features are not supported.
Captions are only supported on some connected devices.
SmartShare PC Software is recommended for reading captions.
When a subtitle file is added later, disable the shared folder and then enable it again.
The DRM files in the connected device will not play.
Even for the file format supported by the TV, the supported file format may differ depending on the connected device environment.
If there are too many folders or files in a folder, it may not work properly.
The information on the file imported from the connected device may not be displayed correctly.