To use SmartShare
Provides photo / music / video files on your TV by connecting to a USB storage device or home network.
Also, you can watch the recorded TV and check the connected device's folders.
Recordings may not be supported depending on some countries.
  1. Press HOME button on the remote control and then click My App button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. You can start the SmartShare.

Select Video on SmartShare

  1. DivX icon: Registers or releases DivX.
    Checks DivX Registration Code for playing DivX-protected videos. Register at
    Uses Registration Code to rent or purchase movies at
    Rented/purchased DivX files cannot be played if the DivX Registration Code of a different device is used. Use only the DivX Registration Code granted to this device.
    Converted files not conforming to the DivX Codec Standard may not play or may produce abnormal images and sound.
    You can configure this by selecting Videos.
  2. Search icon on SmartShare: You can search whole contents from connected devices.
  3. play the contents that you want: You can watch the contents that you want.
  4. Sort icon: You can change the sort option.
  5. Devices: Displays the folder structure of a connected device.
In the Devices, there are 1,000 files in each folder in folder view.
If the number of all content is more than 20,000, some content may not appear on the list.
To enjoy the content of devices through SmartShare
Connect the devices and enjoy the contents through SmartShare.
  1. View the Pictures in the USB.
    Viewing pictures
  2. Listen the music in the USB.
    Listen the music
  3. Watch the Videos in the USB
    To control video playback
  4. Share the content of devices via Home Network.
    Content Share with Smartphone
  5. Connect the PC with your TV through Home Network.
    Connect PC with your TV