To set Closed Caption
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View closed captions when the TV station provides closed captioned programming. Program closed captions work only on digital/analog broadcasts or external input. (AV IN port is available in certain models only.)
Change Closed Caption to On and select caption setting.
Analog Mode
CC 1 - CC 4 (Closed Captioning) / TEXT 1 - TEXT 4
Displays the audio portion of a TV program as text on the TV screen. CC 1 is the most common mode in use.
Field 1 data channels : two Captions (CC1, CC2), two Text (T1, T2).
Field 2 data channels : two Captions (CC3, CC4), two Text (T3, T4).
Digital Mode
Service 1~Service 6
This is only available for the digital broadcasting system.
Digital Mode Options
Set up the size and color of the closed captions on Digital Mode Options. Please select Set By Program or Custom.
Select Custom to adjust minute options such as the closed captions’ size and color.