Zooming in the TV Display
By zooming in the TV display, you can view images in a larger size than the originals.
Press the LIVE ZOOM button on your remote control while watching TV or in video playback. You can also press the START LIVE ZOOM button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Zoom the TV ScreenZoom the TV Screen

  1. The original screen before enlargement is displayed on the subscreen.
  2. This indicates the enlarged area that is displayed on the main screen.
  3. You can zoom in and out on the main screen using the magnification bar.
    You can adjust the magnification by scrolling with the Wheel (OK) button on the Magic Remote.
  4. You can hide the sub screen.
  5. You can capture your current screen.
    You can view captured images in the Photo & Video app.
  6. You can pause or resume your current screen.
    If you execute on resume while watching a broadcast, you will see the current broadcast screen.
  7. You can display the progress bar.
    It works only with videos that have progress bar.
  8. You can start recording by zooming in the video on your USB storage device.
    For more information, see Benefits of Smart TV Zoom Recording in User Guide.
    This feature is available on certain models only.
    This feature can only be used with the Magic Remote.
  9. Close the function and return to the original screen.
To exit the feature and return to the original screen press LIVE ZOOM or BACK.
If you change the channel or run another app on an enlarged screen, the feature closes.
This feature is supported only for digital broadcasts, images in the Photo & Video app, recordings in the Recordings app (available only in some countries) or HDMI input modes.
Moving the Position of an Enlarged Screen
Method 1. On the main screen, move the pointer on the Magic Remote to your desired position and press the Wheel (OK) button.
The position you select will move to the center of the screen.

Click the point as you want on main screenClick the point as you want on main screen

Method 2. Drag the main screen using the Magic Remote’s pointer to the desired position.

Drag the Main ScreenDrag the Main Screen

Method 3. On the subscreen, select the area you want to enlarge using the Magic Remote.

Click the point as you want on sub screenClick the point as you want on sub screen

Method 4. Using the pointer on your Magic Remote, drag the enlarged area on the subscreen into your desired position.

Drag the sub screenDrag the sub screen

You can also move the screen using the UpUp / DownDown / LeftLeft / RightRight buttons on your remote control.